What professionals do not have enough Scandinavians.

What professionals do not have enough Scandinavians.

Norway is a highly developed industrial country, whose economy is export-oriented. Today it is part of the richest countries in the world and occupies a leading position on the standard of living of the population, material and housing conditions.

The high standard of living in the country is due to the availability of rich natural resources. In terms of oil reserves, Norway ranks first, and in terms of natural gas reserves – the second largest among European countries. Actually, therefore, most of the vacancies offered to foreigners are in the oil industry.

As in many European countries, in order to legally live and work in Norway, you must obtain a work permit. But for this purpose it is first necessary to find an employer who will have to prove that the citizens of the country do not claim this vacancy. The authorities of Norway are guided by a simple rule – first of all it is necessary to find employment for their citizens, and then for everyone else.

Work permit.

The basic conditions necessary for the first time to obtain a work permit in Norway:

Availability of a specific job offer from a Norwegian company. Such an invitation must be issued on the prescribed form strictly according to the rules that can be found on the official websites of Norwegian migration services, for example, on the website of the Directorate for Foreigners;

The conditions of wages and work must be equivalent to the position and profession, and comply with Norwegian standards;

The applicant must be full-time.

A standard work permit is issued for a year in Norway, then it must be renewed. This does not apply to seasonal workers who are issued a work permit for up to three months.

There is another option to get a job in Norway. You can go to the country on a guest visa, there to find employers and apply for a work permit. While the petition is being considered, the applicant can remain in the country, but can not work.

Most of all vacancies in Norway are open in healthcare, engineering, construction, retail.

Particular attention should be paid to the oil and gas industry, which is very well developed in Norway. Employees in this industry road open – oil companies are actively recruiting foreigners. Every season, companies invite about 16,000 people to work on oil platforms. The employer pays for travel, accommodation, meals, training and insurance.

Oil workers receive a salary of 200-400 dollars a day, but in difficult climatic conditions it’s not so easy to work. High humidity, wind, storm and physical activity can undermine health.

Published: BISC / Shpilkin S.V. Source: VinnitsaOK.

Norway became the first country in Europe and the world, which completely abandoned FM broadcasting and completely switched to digital radio. As reported by the online edition of The Lo�al, on December 13, the northern regions of the country, including the Svalbard archipelago, became the last territories that switched to digital audio broadcasting. . & raquo;

On this day 185 years ago, the Norwegian writer writer Martinius Bjornson Realist, Nobel Prize winner in literature of 1903, was born. “For noble high and versatile poetry, which has always been marked by fresh inspiration and rare purity of spirit.” . & raquo;

MS Roald Amundsen and MS Fridtjof Nansen, the greenest, safest and most advanced expedition ships of the world, make their debut in 2018 and 2019, allowing tourists to visit the most spectacular places of our planet: in the wild expanses of Spitsbergen, the beautiful fjords of Eastern Greenland, among the beauties of the Norwegian coast and untouched desert of the Arctic. . & raquo;

Per Arne Totland is a journalist and writer, fascinated by Spitsbergen. In his new book, The Cold Front, he talks about Norwegian politics in Svalbard over the past hundred years. The central place in the book is devoted to conflicts, including with Russia. . & raquo;

On November 21, the International Scientific Conference “Approach: Russian-Norwegian Cooperation in the Study of History” was held at the Russian State Humanitarian University. & raquo;

In the third quarter of 2017, a moderate increase in Norway’s population was recorded. A total of 15,100 newborns were registered in Norway. . & raquo;

On November 21, the International Scientific Conference “Approach: Russian-Norwegian Cooperation in the Study of History” will be held at the Russian State Humanitarian University. . & raquo;

The Ministry of Transport and Communications of Norway (Samferdselsdepartementet) is considering a proposal according to which in the near future Norwegians will not necessarily have a driver’s license. . & raquo;

Norway received the first new American fighter aircraft F-35, which arrived at the military airbase Orland. As reported on the website of the Armed Forces of Norway, these are the first three F-35 aircraft that will be permanently based in Norway. . & raquo;

Since 2025 in Norway, the ban on the sale of any vehicles operating on fossil fuel energy will begin to operate. Now Norway is left to put an end to and reorganize the latest processes in the country to completely abandon fossil fuels. . & raquo;