Warsaw switched to Ukrainian. As in Poland doing business in our zarobitchany.

Warsaw switched to Ukrainian. As in Poland doing business in our zarobitchany.

Ukrainians become a source of earnings for the Poles. According to the Polish Gazeta Wyborcza, as Ukrainians have increased hourly wages (according to recruitment agencies, at the moment our citizens now get 12 zl (98 UAH) instead of 9 (73 UAH), entrepreneurs are always trying to attract new customers by cooperating with employment agencies.

For example, banks offer to pay recruiters for � 50 for each Ukrainian, who will open an account with them. And small entrepreneurs, according to the publication, began to produce products specifically for Ukrainians, and mobile operators vying to introduce special packages for Ukrainians with free access to social networks and messengers, so that our citizens could call home. The same principle was followed by the Polish post, which makes discounts for sending parcels to Ukraine.

In addition, for Ukrainians, even more often organize parties and dances, and in the libraries of cities where a large number of our fellow citizens are already preparing a selection of books that may be of interest to Zarobits.

Loyalty with limitations.

Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland Andrei Deshchitsa said that now there are more than a million of our compatriots working there. In employment agencies, they assure us that the attitude towards our people has improved noticeably recently.

“The attitude of the Poles towards us has changed, since the Polish labor market, especially in the field of agriculture, is very dependent on our citizens, because the Poles themselves leave for work in the neighboring countries of Europe. Of course, conflicts still happen, as there are different people among Ukrainians and Poles. But mostly Poles are very friendly, and if the Ukrainian goes there for work, does not know the language, he speaks Ukrainian, the Poles willingly prompt and help. Ukrainians also raise their salaries and improve living conditions. For example, if earlier in the room there were 15 people, now & mdash; two-four & raquo ;, & mdash; told Vestam & raquo; head of the Employment Agency in Poland Work Garant Tatyana Bugakova.

According to her, taking into account the percentage of Ukrainians leaving there, Poland adapts to our citizens. & nquo; Private pension insurance funds are quite common & mdash; people who officially work and, for example, go for six months, are offered to open special retirement accounts & raquo ;, & mdash; says Bugakova.

Polish experts confirm: Poles are literally fighting for our citizens. & amp; I am now in Google ask in Polish & laquo; bank services for Ukrainians & raquo ;, and I immediately have six banks where Ukrainian for Ukrainians are offered services. If you come to the bus station of Warsaw, you will see that there are ads and advertisements on the Ukrainian wall all the walls are hung. This is the banks, and mobile communications with cheaper calls and SMS to their homeland, and housing, and hotels. Indeed, Polish business is now competing for Ukrainians, because there are a lot of them. Including youth & raquo ;, & mdash; said “Westam & raquo; expert of the Polish Institute of International Affairs Petr Koscinsky.

However, recruiters say that incidentally Poles, fighting illegal Ukrainians, imposed restrictions. & laquo; Recently, have tightened the rules for hiring & mdash; only a week is given to enter the country, and if he does not have time, the work visa is canceled. Before this rule was not, and Ukrainians could enter on an active visa for six months. And the count is not from the date of opening the visa, but from the one specified in the invitation. In addition, they imposed restrictions on the issuance of invitations, that is, if a person could already change his place of work in Poland, now if something does not suit him, he can change jobs only once a year. This is due to the fact that according to Polish visas, Ukrainians often went to illegal work in Spain, Germany and worked in Poland itself, “& mdash; says & Westam & raquo; director of one of the Kharkov recruiting agencies Sergey Krivosheev.

By the way, Ukrainians, note recruiters, willingly went to seasonal work on visa-free travel, and by summer this trend is clearly increasing.

“Visa-free legal work for three months, and the youth on summer vacations will go there to earn extra money, but during this time he will not have time to extend the stay and get a residence permit, because many will go to work on a rotational basis. Now in Poland, they need agricultural workers and service personnel in the local resort areas. At the same time, IT specialists are in demand, but for this the Poles still require knowledge of the Polish language & raquo ;, & mdash; says Bugakova.

They started to work in Belgium.

Our compatriots actively explore other areas. On the trends zarobitchane learn on the “word of mouth” & raquo; & mdash; one tried, told friends and relatives.

& laquo; In Poland and the Czech Republic our countrymen earn about � 1 thousand per month. But we found out that the most favorable conditions in Europe are now in Belgium, where the work hour is paid in & euro; 10. That is, you can get a & euro; 100 per business day. Therefore, many are trying to find a legitimate job there. Sometimes wait a week or two. Also, some of my fellow countrymen are trying to get a job in Canada, but so far, the embassy has long considered documents, and many receive refusals & raquo ;, & mdash; Vasily tells us from Kolomyia.

Also, as they wrote, “Vesti”, Ukrainians go to work in other countries of Europe and Asia & mdash; Hungary, Italy, Spain, China, the UAE, Libya, Kuwait.