Visas to Australia.

Visas to Australia.

Temporary visas to Australia give the right to stay in Australia for a certain time with the purpose of tourism, visiting relatives, friends, treatment, study, internship, work or research business opportunities.

Visas to Australia are of two types:

Temporary (short-term and long-term) Constant.

At the end of any Australian visa, the applicant must leave Australia within the specified period, or apply for another visa, unless prohibited by the conditions of the previous visa. More information about the details of the temporary visas of Australia you can find on our website in the relevant sections or our specialists.

Please note, from September 1, 2015 Australia completely abandoned the practice of pasting visas into the applicants’ passports. If earlier the insertion of a visa into the passport was an optional procedure, but you could order this service for an additional payment, now the Immigration and Border Protection Department has completely stopped issuing visa labels.

Customs requirements for border crossing Australia are high enough. Please read the rules of filling in the passenger’s card carefully before traveling.

Guest visa to Australia.

A guest visa to Australia is designed for those who want to come to Australia for leisure, travel around the country, visiting relatives, friends, as well as passing a short-term training program (up to three months).

One of the basic requirements when applying for a guest visa to Australia is proof that your intention is to enter a short-term visit to the country and you will return to the country of permanent residence before the expiry of the visa. For this, as a rule, it is necessary to demonstrate the following: the availability of work and leave with the preservation of the workplace, the availability of family, property, including immovable, in the country of residence, etc.

More information about this type of visa you can read on the page GUEST VISA TO AUSTRALIA.

Student visa to Australia.

A student visa for Australia is designed for those who want to study in Australia for longer than 3 months.

A student visa for Australia is used for training in a secondary school, a professional college, a university, as well as long-term English courses.

Since July 1, 2016, Australia has moved to a simplified scheme for examining and issuing student visas. Now all student visas are united into a single subclass (500). The requirements for the financial provision of the student for the entire period of study, as well as the proof of the intentions of the student to return to their home country after the end of training, remained unchanged.

More information about this type of visa can be found on the STUDENT VISA page.

Special visas to Australia.

Special visas in Australia are a separate category of visa options for Australia that do not qualify for a standard. These types of visas include:

Visa for treatment or delivery in Australia; Special visas for people of certain professions; Special programs (internships);

The site lists only the most common types of visas and ways of immigration to Australia. The task of the migration agent is to objectively assess the chances of each client and develop an individual way of immigration to Australia. More information about special types of visas can be found on the SPECIAL VISAS TO AUSTRALIA page.