Visa to the UK is urgent September 21, 2016.

Visa to the UK is urgent September 21, 2016.


for visas on the 1st of October 2016.


Addresses in Moscow:

ul. Gateway embankment 2/1 p.1.

ul. New Arbat 1 5.

tel .: +7 (495) 925 06 44.

in online mode.


Professional registration 5000 rub.

for the full preparation of documents, including all translations, filling out questionnaires, providing documents justifying a visit to the UK.



Registration of the British visa with us is a guarantee of an individual approach to each client, consultations on all types of English visas, high chances for a visa, solutions after failures.

The visa center of Great Britain.

List of the main documents for a tour of the visa to the UK.

Confirmations about the availability of finance.

– bank account statements for the last 3 months – see the sample – personal income tax certificate 2.

Student visa more than 6 months. (Tier4)

documents for the embassy.

CAS statement – scanned copy of the original English test (authorized tests: – IELTS, TOEFL, ESOL, ETS, PTE academic), documents on the basis of which the decision was made to enroll in the training course. For example diplomas on the previous higher education received in the Russian Federation. It’s either a Bachelor’s or Master’s. As a rule, this list is in the CAS statute at the very end. Application form (visa application form) on Tier4 Self-assessment form. This is a paper statement in which general information is reflected. This document is intended for self-assessment of chances. If you filled it correctly, then in total you need to score for the availability of a valid CAS and the availability of funds for training. Consular fee of 12 thousand rubles.

Student visa up to 6 months of study.

Basic documents for registration:

Original document from an educational institution in the UK on admission to school. The letter should contain detailed information about the course of study, start and end dates, payment of tuition fees + COPY. Letter from the employer in the RF about z.p. duration of employment and interest in an employee with in-depth knowledge of English Financial and Bank Guarantees. Advice on the availability of money for the passage of training, residence and return to Russia.

General documents for all types of visas:

Instructions for completing the questionnaire in Russian.

Do you know that�

June 1, 2015, having a valid British visa you can visit Ireland.

from the 10th of FEBRUARY 2014 the deadline for consideration of documents by the visa department of the British Embassy for all types of visas is not less than 5 days.

How to avoid refusal of a visa.

correctly fill out the online questionnaire. The amounts of PP and income must be converted into British pounds or US dollars. the list of documents must correspond to this type of visa the correct translation of documents into English is the guarantee of obtaining a visa.

The most popular visas to England.

General visit (C-visit General)

– tourism, short-term and long-term.

– visiting relatives, family visa.

– Training is less than 180 days.

– study more than 180 days (Tier4). Only for professional training – for example, financial education by specialty banks. Degree not lower than the Master (Master Degree)

– Visiting short-term language courses. As a rule, it is also a professional study for working in the financial, banking or tourist sphere.

English visa.

Information on obtaining an English visa for 180 days.

Prepare old passports from which you can see that you have already traveled to other countries for the past 10 years. Help with work and bank statements to confirm your financial condition to pay a trip to England.

The visa center of Great Britain.

Reception of documents is carried out by the authorized visa center of WFS Gloabal.

When your documents are prepared, you must assign a day and time for delivery of them and biometric data in the visa center. Visa centers are located in all major cities in the regions – Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Rostov on Don.

Visa to London.

London – Capital of the UK.

It is issued a standard British visa for a period of 180 days.

How to go to the UK and England on your own.

How (independently) to make an application without assistance.

Fill out the form, collect and translate documents and sign up for personal filing of documents in the visa center in the nearest city. Do not forget to prepare documents that substantiate your stay in the UK – hotel reservation, invitation, rental.

Documents for all types of visas to the UK.

Required list of documents for visa.

The list of documents will help to differ depending on the purpose of your trip, but there are general requirements of the immigration service. Questionnaire, photos, documents confirming your strong ties with the country of residence, in this case the RF. Financial guarantees.

Obtaining permission to enter the UK.

Conditions of the embassy.

The Border Control Service is responsible for issuing permits for travel to the United Kingdom.

Visa support in Britain.

Allows you to visit England, Scotland, Wales, Jersey and Men Island.

British operates in all territories of the Kingdom and is issued for up to 10 years, but it can not be more than 180 days a year.

official site.

The embassy site is the official source of information.

On the official website of the embassy in Moscow, you can find all the details on the procedure for filing documents for permission to enter Britain.

Registration of documents in the UK.

Terms of registration depend on the category and its duration.

As a rule, the longer the expected stay, the longer the terms that the Embassy’s visa service considers your application.

How to get a visa to the UK.

The process of issuing a visa is complex and requires careful preparation and study.

But it is better if to help with registration it is always better to contact the professionals and lawyers on immigration law of Britain.

Embassy of Great Britain.

On the territory of the Russian Federation, the embassy resolves visa issues.

You are required to prepare a complete package of documents to consider your application for a visa.

What’s in the UK.

There are more than 50 different types of permits to enter the Kingdom.

The correct choice of the type of questionnaire and the required documents is a guarantee that your application will be considered positively. Typically, the types are divided into a temporary visit (General) for a period of: 6 months. – 10 years. But stay in any of these visas is limited to 180 days in 1 year.

Consideration of the application in the UK terms.

The timing of issuing a visa depends on its type and duration.

There is an urgent consideration of applications for a visa. This service is called premium service. In this case, the review is carried out within 3 working days.

The cost of the trip to the UK.

The cost consists of services for registration and consular fees.

Our company’s services start at 4000 rubles, and the consular fee will be at least 136 USD. Additional insurance costs are not required.

Refusals at the entrance to the UK in Moscow.

The visa center of the embassy in Moscow is located at Bolshoy Savvinsky lane. 12, p.18.

In it, you will need to submit biometric data and original documents. After checking them by the center employee, the documents will be sent to the consular section of the embassy for consideration. Your passport and certificates will be sent to the express DHL service as the embassy is located at a different address.

Sponsorship letter.

Sponsorship letter is required if you do not personally pay for your trip.

It is compulsory for minors to make out a letter of sponsorship from one or two parents. Similarly, if your second half, such as a spouse or spouse, does not have enough financial resources or a stable income.

Translation of documents.

A certified translation of all documents into English is required.

The correctness of the translation may serve as an excuse for refusal. Address to professional translators or make sure personally that the correctness of the translation corresponds to the original document.

The embassy site.

Official website of the British Embassy in Moscow.

On the site you will find all contact information and a list of documents for filing. Keep in mind that consulates and visa centers are located in many large cities of Russia.

Filling out the form.

All questionnaires are completed online, but require printing in paper form.

If you decide to collect and prepare documents yourself, filling out the questionnaire can cause difficulties. Please contact our service for assistance in completing the application form – cost in 2014. – 2000 rubles. You need to go to the immigration service website and choose the type of questionnaire that is correlated with your goals of visiting the Kingdom. The peculiarities of filling out the questionnaire are that you need to write the answers in English.


The basic requirements are correctly prepared set of documents.

The most important documents are documents proving the trip and financial guarantees of the applicant. Financial documents must confirm that you have wages and savings that will allow you to stay in England paying for all the costs of flying, on daily expenses.

Transit visa to the UK.

Transit serves for a short stay in the country.

Transit permission for residence is issued for a period of 180 days for a stay of not more than 3 days. If you need a longer stay in England, then make out the General Visa.

Questionnaire sample.

Unfortunately, there are no two identical sample forms.

Each questionnaire is individual and contains at least 120 interactive questions. Those. the next question depends on the answer to the previous one. It is very important that in the new version of the questionnaire from February 1, 2014. More stringent rules have been introduced to reflect your previous visits to the UK.

How to apply for a visa to the UK.

Registration and sequence of actions.

At registration you need to know a clear sequence of actions. Identify with the type, set of documents, terms of validity, translations, date of the visit to submit documents. We are also ready to provide a full range of consulting services in all stages of preparation. The process of registration is reduced to completing the questionnaire, translating documents into English and providing proof of stay.

List of documents.

It ranges from simple to complex.

But this is the most important stage of preparation. The decision of the consulate depends on it. Also, note that the content is the second cornerstone of a successful outcome. When you submit documents, you must be sure that this is a complete set, and a certified translation is attached to each certificate.

How much does a visa cost,.

The cost is determined by the duration and type.

The most common type is General (180 days, multi). In 2014 this type was filed more than 90% of all applications. Consular fees $ 136 from February 2014.

All questionnaires are filled in on-line (on-line)

But the printout of the questionnaire will be required for the delivery of biometric information and the presentation of the appointed time.

Residence permit in the UK.

Registration of a residence permit is a complex and painstaking process.

As a rule, Russian citizens receive it in the following categories: Businessman, Investor, Male (Wife). There are other examples of residence permits.

Investor Visa United Kingdom.

Requirements for issuing an investor visa:

Availability of 1 million British pounds sterling for investing in the UK. 750 thousand of which should be invested in securities or bonds.

The visa of the businessman the Great Britain.

To obtain the status of an entrepreneur in the UK requires:

The presence of free 200 thousand pounds, knowledge of the English language, business experience.

The sale of passports in the Eprosoyuz is legal.

New rules of the immigration service of Thailand.

Important news about visas.

Urgent visa registration – an exclusive service of the embassy.

Getting a visa to the UK for businessmen and certain categories is urgent. . >>>

TIER4 visa requires when submitting documents from a student passing an interview.

Interview for applicants for a long-term visa to the UK – required from May 2013. . >>>

visa regime with the Russian Federation is facilitated to attract Russian tourists.

Home office reviews applications for a UK visa. >>>

The introduction of a safety deposit of 1500 when crossing the UK border.

Negotiations in the parliament on measures to prevent illegal immigration are in full swing. >>>

The hope of easing the visa regime for the Russians.

You are the Russian Ambassador to the United Kingdom Alexander Yakovenko made a proposal at a presentation in London >> & gt;

Increase of tariffs for visas to Great Britain from 6th of April 2012.

This measure is associated with a very low price when issuing a visa and is a measure for. >>>

The most expensive property in the UK belongs to the Russian.

Further purchase of apartments, penthouses, castles and mansions sweeps London in 2012. First of all, buyers are Russian citizens. >>>

Issue of visas for visiting the Summer Olympic Games.

You can issue a visa through the embassy more than half a year before the trip begins. >>>

Opening hours of the official institutions of Great Britain.

Detailed information on the working hours of state offices, offices and organizations in London >>>

Helpful information.

Immigration Service.

The British visa center accredited at the British Embassy in Moscow and other cities is engaged in receiving visa documents on the territory of Russia. The network of visa centers is open in big cities and regional centers.

Border Control Agency.

A government agency that is a branch of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – the UK Border Agency makes a decision and issues or refuses to issue all categories of visas to the United Kingdom. The Agency sets deadlines and special requirements for all applicants for the English visa.

Registration of documents for a visa to the UK.

It is always better to entrust qualified professionals with the issuance of visas to the UK, provided that you do this for the first time. Our experience will help to get a visa without the risk of failure and in the shortest possible time. When registering groups of tourists or students – significant discounts for representatives of customers. Registration of visas to England for Citizens of the Russian Federation takes place only through visa centers of the Embassy of VFS Global.