Unforgettable Italian holidays – we go from Rimini to Rome on our own.

Unforgettable Italian holidays – we go from Rimini to Rome on our own.

Many tourists, coming to Italy to enjoy high-class beach rest (for example, in Rimini), can not ignore the amazingly beautiful capital of this country. And this is understandable: the ancient city managed to collect the most interesting sights in one place. That’s why vacationers often have a question: how to get from Rimini to Rome on your own? Let’s try to understand.

There are several transport options:

The train Rimini – Rome.

The railway crossing, perhaps, from them, is optimal. First, the route runs both direct high-speed trains and trains with one change (in Bologna). And because in just 3 hours 40 minutes you can easily move from one beautiful city to another. Secondly, travel costs by Italian standards inexpensively – about 55-65 euros. The distance between Rimini and Rome is 400 km.

Since 2017, tickets for Italian trains have become available on some Russian booking services. The most famous of them is OneTwoTrip.

The process of finding a ticket, choosing a place in the car and buying is simple, intuitive and occurs in the Russian interface. After paying for the card, an e-ticket is sent to the post office – it can be printed or saved on a mobile device and presented when boarding a train along with a foreign passport.

To find tickets use the link or the form:

Cheaper to get from Rimini to Rome is possible only by bus.

Salons of passenger trains in Italy are extremely comfortable: they are equipped with wide soft armchairs and air conditioning. You will be at home with special comfort. It should be taken into account the fact that all cars, regardless of their class, are divided into zones for non-smokers and smokers. And this means that you can enjoy tobacco smoke only in your own places. A nice and habitual for a Russian person smoking in tambours, corridors and toilets is strictly forbidden.

On the route Rimini – Rome, a direct train No. 9851 runs daily. It leaves at 06:59, and arrives at 10:33. The return route was 9852, departure time from Rome – 17:35, arrival in Rimini – 21:15. Richer selection of trains with a transfer to Bologna.

You will depart from the “Stazione di Rimini” – a railway station in Rimini, located near the center of the resort, on Piazza Cesare Battisti. It’s pretty small, the indexes are duplicated in English, and so you’re definitely not getting lost here.

In the capital, there are two train stations that provide communication with the heart of the Adriatic, these are Roma Termini and Roma Tiburtina.

“Roma Termini” is the largest station in Italy and Rome, in particular. It is in the center, and therefore from it you can reach anywhere in the “eternal city”: in front of the central entrance there is the largest bus stop and taxi rank, on the left there are tram ways, and to the two branches of the metro (A and B) lead tunnels directly from the building of the station.

You can buy tickets for the return trip right on the ground floor of the station. There is a huge number of specialized automatic machines, however, to use one of them, you need to know English, Italian or German. Immediately you will find the exits to the platforms, the numbering of which goes from left to right. In the center of the hall there is a large electronic display where all the departing and arriving trains are displayed, the smaller ones hang at the exit to the platforms.

“Roma Tiburtina” is the second largest railway station in the north-eastern part of Rome. It is connected by the station of the same name with the B-branch of the underground. Nearby there is a rather large bus station, where there are routes of city, intercity and even international buses. In general, this station is similar to the “Roma Termini”: all the same electronic scoreboard, vending machines for ticket sales and reference.

Another way to get from the sunny resort to the capital and back is the bus. This type of transport will give you the cheapest transfer, however, it will take about 8 hours to go on the road. It is for this reason that it is unlikely that you will approach, if suddenly it happened that the transfer from Rome to Rimini was not included in the cost of the purchased tour and you are forced to get yourself.

The ticket will cost you 35 euros, and children can enjoy discounts and drive only 10.

For the shortest possible time to get from Rimini to Rome, you can only use the services of air transport. The company “Darwin Airlines” in the summer provides such an opportunity. The road will take you only 1 hour, however, to give for such a luxury will have about 120 euros. This investment will be justified, perhaps, only if you are late for a flight from Rome home.

The planes depart from the airport “Federico Fellini”, located 8 km from the center of the resort. You can get to it by bus number 9, paying 1.2 euros in a vending machine or newsagent. But if you buy a ticket already “on board”, you will have to pay 2 euros. It is very important not to forget to validate the ticket in the yellow miracle car inside the bus: fines in Italy are really very large.

The airport is modern, equipped with everything you need: banks, currency exchange points, kiosks, shops, cafes, information point – all this, following the signs, you can easily find.

The same can be said about the Roman “Fiumicino”, which is the point of arrival. It is located 30 km from the center. This is the main airport of the capital, and it is from here that airplanes fly to Russia and the CIS countries. To get from this airport to Rome you can:

The Leonardo Express. It leaves twice an hour from the platform No. 25-29 of the station at the airport (to find it, follow the signs, where its name is written – “Stazione Aeroporto”), and arrives at the “Roma Termini”. Travel time – only 30 minutes, the fare – 11 euros.

By bus “Cotral”, which departs from the same station as the express train, at 01:15, 02:15, 03:30, 05:00, 10:55, 12:00, 15:30, 19:05. Further he goes to the station “Roma Tiburtina”, and from there – to “Roma Termini”. The ticket costs 4.5 euros.

Taxi. The trip to the city center costs 40-50 euros.


You can rent a car in Rimini directly at the airport or train station: small offices with appropriate names will help you. The price directly depends on the brand of the chosen machine. To get from Rimini to Rome, you need to go on the E-80 highway, and then turn to the E-50.

Consider that Italian gasoline costs a lot: for 1 liter of 95th ask 1.76 euros, and for the same amount of 98th – 1.90 euros.

Sightseeing tour of Rimini – Rome.

One can not ignore another option, which, not entirely independent, but pleases with “cognition and organization” – this is an excursion. As any resort town, Rimini is full of travel agencies, and therefore to choose a tour to Rome is not difficult. Usually they offer a one-day excursion to the Italian capital, which involves a very busy schedule. For 6 hours in the city you will be shown the “mandatory minimum” – the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the square of Venice, the Capitoline Hill, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, and the square and the church of St. Peter. Because of the haste, all the objects “must-see” can merge into the head into one whole, so well weigh, whether this option is suitable for you. Such a march-throw will cost 80-85 euros.

But the tour of Rimini – Rome – Florence – Venice, designed for 7-8 days, is offered only in Moscow. On the coast of the Adriatic they perfectly understand that it’s not enough to spend almost all the time off for traveling, whoever wants to.

Reviews about the trip from Rimini to Rome.

Traveling independently from Rimini to Rome is perhaps the best option, and many tourists say this:

“In August, my husband and I rested in Rimini. This resort is simply perfect, but after seven days of lying on the beach I decided: you need to go for food for the mind. Of course, Rome for this is the best way. We got there by train: only 4 hours drive to the original outback – and you are in the “eternal city”. In fact, the compositions are radically different from Russian: chic soft armchairs with large armrests, air conditioners, reading lamps, all brand-new, scratch-free – beauty! The only thing that surprised, & # 8212; in Italian day trains there is no conductor, only the conductors that open the doors, but you need to close them yourself ”

“The main conclusion I made in Rimini – here it is necessary to rent a car if you plan to travel to nearby cities. We cooperated with a small agency that quickly prepared all the necessary documents while we “tested” the car. Got to Rome in 3.5 hours, for gasoline gave 100 euros. The only thing I want to advise – do not leave the car in the wrong places in Rome: actively evacuate, I personally saw ”

“To go to Rome for a day trip is an absolutely useless idea: everything is confused, confused, incomprehensible. The city is beautiful, but it needs at least 3 days – I’m sure of it! ”

In a word, to get from Rimini to Rome is not difficult, you just need to pick up transport and you can go on an Italian vacation, which will surely bring a lot of positive impressions!

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With the advent of the Internet, the life of a traveler has become much easier. I have a Schengen visa with a good validity, so I do not spend money on the agency tour and I’m making my own way. Useful information, because I really want to see Italy from different angles, many places to visit. My favorite way is to rent a car and plan your own travel. Rome is a dreamlike beauty, I want to see it.

Hello, I think that the best way to book a transfer in advance and do not worry. You are met with a sign at the airport – very convenient.

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