This is my Australia.

This is my Australia.

Fundamentals of immigration to Australia.

The most important thing that you need to understand about immigration to Australia is that it’s not emotion. Immigration to Australia (and any developed country) – this clear adherence to a certain process and emotions here is absolutely no place.

Fundamentals of immigration to Australia.

It depends on you how clearly you follow the rules and the certain procedure, because all the rules are detailed on the relevant website of the Department of Immigration of Australia ( & # 8212; the most important and correct website in matters immigration to Australia), as well as on the websites of confirming organizations (confirmation process by specialty).

If you, for example, do not provide any necessary information or the information you provide is not reliable, you will be refused. So you need to be very careful and follow clear rules.

The difference between visas is 189, 190 (independent visa or state nomination) and 457 (work visa)

In the notion of very many people wishing to move to Australia, the thought has taken root that the most important thing is to find an employer. This system works in Europe and in America, but in Australia the immigration system is slightly different.

Yes, you can move to Australia for 457 visas, if you find an employer and he decides to be your sponsor in the move.

But, if you have the opportunity to move on an independent visa (189, 190), then it is better to use it. Why? Because your hands will not be tied. Moving on a working visa is always an uncertainty. The working visa is not permanent, it is given for up to 4 years and there are no guarantees that you will not have to return home much earlier. Work on a working visa is a kind of slavery. You are completely dependent on the employer. Although the employer should be a decent man, but the laws are legal and some of them can be circumvented.

Study in Australia.

If you want to study, if you want a good diploma, if you want to get a good Australian crust and return home, then contact the educational agents – this is their field of activity. If you want to immigrate and after studying to stay in Australia for permanent residence, you can apply to both educational agents and immigration agents.

Business visa to Australia.

For Australia, a businessman who has 100-400 thousand dollars is not a businessman. This is a representative of the middle class and this amount of money is not a reason for moving on a business visa.

If you have about a million dollars or more in circulation, then you can think about getting a business visa.

But, if you want to move, as a businessman, then most likely your time is very expensive. Such people are much easier, more profitable and more competent to contact an immigration agent who will do all the necessary documents for them. Business visa is not so simple, the whole process is very complicated.

What if my education does not converge with work experience?

Very many studied for economists, managers, etc. but they worked perfectly for other qualifications. If you have something not to converge, then you must either align education and work, or do not fool yourself. Because no emotions in Australia can not get. There are certain rules by which you must have an education and relevant working experience. In some cases, working experience may be sufficient, but in practice this is a great rarity.

The result above said – if you have the opportunity to move and you want to immigrate to Australia, then do not pull with it. Nobody knows how to change the immigration laws in Australia and how to change the situation in your country. If you have the opportunity to do something today to move to Australia, then do it.

Starting the process of immigration to Australia is better with the confirmation of qualifications. As long as you confirm your qualification, you can tighten the level of knowledge of English.

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