The EU’s blue map in Bulgaria: what is it, and why such a map is needed?

The EU’s blue map in Bulgaria: what is it, and why such a map is needed?

Along with some complications that Bulgarian legislation prepares for foreigners who have obtained residence permits as sales representatives or employers, there is good news. In particular, it is now easier for foreigners in Bulgaria to get a job and, accordingly, a residence permit based on work in Bulgaria.

Specialists from Bulgaria travel to other EU countries for large salaries. And in their place come foreign experts “Blue Card of the EU” (“Blue Card of the EU”) & # 8212; this is a work permit, which gives permission to live in Bulgaria at the same time. The easiest way is to get such a card for IT specialists, but all other specialists who graduated from university or even have incomplete higher education have chances of receiving it.

The holders of the blue card are given the same pink (yes, absolutely not even blue) card, which is received by foreigners who have permission to stay. The only difference is that in such a map the place of work and position is indicated, and the “Blue EU card” stands as the basis for the stay.

The validity of the card is up to a year, then it can be extended. After 5 years of life in Bulgaria, the holder of the “blue card” can claim a permanent residence or a DVNJ.

Unlike other foreigners residing in Bulgaria, the holder of a blue card has the right to work for hire.

Getting the blue card.

Judging by the photos on the net, the blue EU map looks exactly like this. To obtain a blue card, you need to have a higher education (suitable and unfinished, at least 3 years of training). In this case, the specialty indicated in the diploma may not coincide with the specialty on which it is planned to work if the candidate can prove that he has the appropriate professional experience in order to qualify for an attractive job.

If there is a higher education diploma for many, then the other condition for obtaining a blue card is more difficult. It is necessary that the employer expresses willingness to pay a foreign specialist a salary for less than 1.5 average salaries for the past year (for the IT sphere – at least two average salaries).


As an employer, any company registered on the territory of Bulgaria can act. If the profession of a potential employee is not included in the list of professions that are scarce in Bulgaria in 2016, then the employer needs to search for candidates among Bulgarian citizens within 15 days. At the same time, he is obliged to recruit those candidate Bulgarians who meet all the conditions specified by him. If the profession of the candidate refers to the scarce, then there is no need.

In Bulgaria, you can not only relax, but also work. After that, the employer receives permission from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Bulgaria to hire a foreign citizen. The term for issuing such a decision is 15 days, the cost is 400 leva, the validity period coincides with the term of the employment contract.

On this the employer, who needed a foreign specialist, is running out of work. The specialist also has a little trouble: apply in your country to the Bulgarian consulate for a D visa, get it, come to Bulgaria and get a residence permit. Unlike other grounds for obtaining a visa D and residence permit, in this case it is not required to confirm the availability of housing in Bulgaria and financial security. Visas on this basis are rumored to be issued faster than others – within 15 days.

Well and further – all as usual: to prolong residence permit every year or every half a year while the decision of the Ministry of Labor in force. If his term ends, then you need to get a new one, and this is again done by the employer.

Alas, in this case we have nothing to say: we do not know anyone who would have received a working visa in Bulgaria and would have lived here with the basis of the “Blue Card of the EU”. Therefore, all the information specified in this article, & # 8212; theoretical. How it is in practice, whether the recipients of the blue card are waiting for some pitfalls, we do not know.

The main difficulty, as we wrote above, is the willingness of the employer to pay a higher salary, to pay for the permission of the Ministry of Labor and in general, to bother on this score. But if you are lucky enough to find such an employer, then why not? Live in Bulgaria, work and receive a higher salary is also a good option.

Alternative ways to treat us with coffee.

I made a residence permit on the basis of a blue card in Bulgaria.

if there are questions, please contact

Thank you! And do not tell me if it was difficult? And what is your specialty?

it was not particularly difficult, but it was necessary to run with documents.

I was the first person who asked for a map in Bulgaria, so these damned bureaucrats themselves did not know what and how. so in my case everything was a little delayed. for the following petitioners probably all will go faster.

it is important to find a good employer. I was given almost a German salary, and almost all the documents were done by the local lawyers of the employer, so in my case there were no problems, only everything was delayed for 5 months.

Hello. What country did you come from? Do I have to know Bulgarian, English? Where did you search for vacancies? What about the rental of housing (approximate figures)?

I am from Belarus. In occasion of languages: in principle without the Bulgarian one can live for the first time, I came without language. There have never been problems, young people speak English fluently, the older generation understands Russian. Of course, English would be nice to know. The programmer himself, speaking fluently in English and German, now has already learned Bulgarian.

I did not search for jobs myself, they found me I just posted a resume on one Belarusian site, they recruited me for themselves.

For rent. I rent an apartment in Sofia in a good neighborhood for 280 euros: a large separate kitchen, a combined bathroom, a passage room and a separate bedroom. Repair is not bad, equipment and furniture are all there.

According to Sofia, I can say this: from about 150 euros for a murdered apartment and ad infinitum.

Dmitry, good afternoon. I received a job from the Bulgarian hiring agency for 36 months and wrote in it for the issuance of the Blue Card. Tell me what will be the package of documents for Visa D. I am required by a contract for the hiring of housing.

threw it on the mail, duplicated it here just in case.

For the visa D you need documents:

1. certificate from the employment agency of the agency.

2. The employment contract.

3. a contract for the rental of housing.

4. certificate of absence of previous convictions.

5. If I’m not mistaken, you need insurance in BG for six months at least, but it’s better to clarify in the embassy.

Unfortunately, without a rental agreement in any way.

We are here on a blue card (husband, aichi, I’m a member of the bluecard-Holder family).

Well, everything is true, except for remarks, everything is simple and easy & # 187; & # 8212; tortured to collect pieces of paper)

And, according to my information (from the office that transported us) & # 8212; hiring a man on a blue card costs 2000 euros for the firm. I can not say what the price is from.