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To leave Russia.

Secondly, I want to besiege all patriots who are negative about everything foreign. I remember an anecdote about two worms on a pile of manure. If a person finds a place where he feels better than in his native country, more precisely in the state, he is entitled to move there. Each of us is a citizen of the world, planet Earth, so I like to talk.

Thirdly, most naively believe that everything abroad is “chocolate”. “It’s better where we are not.” Ambitions of such quickly fade in the first months of being outside of Russia, when they meet face to face with the unpleasant characteristics and specificity of a particular country.

2. Do not go, trying to escape from problems. You and yourself in another country can not get away from yourself. Impressions of the new environment, culture, etc. sooner or later will pass, and all the same problems will surface at the most inopportune moment. There are many people wandering around the Asian countries from the West, trying to find themselves.

3. Do not go if you do not know how to make new friends and categorically do not tolerate a lack of communication and especially loneliness. Some people have a problem that I really want to talk in Russian.

4. Do not move, depriving yourself of your favorite hobby, which you can not do in a new place. If the work you do for life is priority number 1, then please. (In Norway, I really missed the music, my records, parties, because it is known that in Norway, with the drum-dance, everything is completely faded). In general, to go purely because of work, I think it’s stupid.

5. To move, you often need to be prepared to learn the language of the country you are going to. To go to Italy with English is not very reasonable, for example. But for the Netherlands to learn Dutch is not necessary.

6. To leave for another country, one should not be afraid of any changes and something new, in principle. Many “dream” to move, but do not do anything for that, get attached to the workplace, then take a mortgage for 20 years. Then everything is clear.

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but abroad is not nearly easier, there’s no one waiting for us, it’s true = ((

and just this method allows you to come to and evaluate the situation in the country.

2. No one considers Russia, their homeland, fucking, but the state is a Russian federation with its oligarch-bandit officials, yes!

Concerning Asia: do you think that if those people from poor countries are moved to more developed countries and give them a well-paid job in accordance with their skills, they will be able to live normally, say, in Russia, with their mentality? Fifty-Fifty.