Russian in the Dominican Republic.

Russian in the Dominican Republic.

The life of a Russian family in the Dominican Republic.

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2015 in the Dominican Republic.

So the pre-holiday and holiday turmoil ended, the feasts, fireworks, salutes burst out-and again the measured and ordinary Dominican life began to flow. Every year, lived in the tropics, all festivals are more peaceful. In 2007, when a lot was a wonder, the arrival of the new year we met on the beach, with herringbone, fruits and champagne: and this year there was no fuse even to make New Year’s photos. But this does not mean that the colors of life have died out for us! Once again, our American friends, Richard and Brenda, came to visit us, and we celebrated the new year very quietly in Boca Chica, in the restaurant “Little Switzerland”. Our American friends (like many Americans) are big fans of baseball. And, knowing that we worked on the movie “SUGAR” – asked to show them the places where the filming took place and which can be seen in the film. We drove them to the “baseball town” (and you know that in the highest league baseball in America, some of the best players are the Dominicans?). We talked to the workers, we recalled the working moments of the shootings. Photographed with Richard’s favorite team from the unloved team Richard expressed his “fi” On the way, they looked at the ingenuity of the Dominicans: a Christmas tree made of empty plastic bottles and a moped decorated with an old plastic horse. Everything can be used in a poor country!

And we celebrated Christmas in the company of our American-Italian-Ukrainian friends. Now let’s see what the new year will bring us. Inflation has not been canceled, one dollar now costs 44 pesos, food prices have risen. But the price of gasoline has decreased, by almost two dollars per gallon (!), Which can not but rejoice. With an incomprehensible rubbish ruble in Russia and bankruptcies of Russian travel companies, the flow of Russian-speaking tourists to the Dominican Republic has drastically decreased. We completely switched to work only with foreign tourists; Americans, Canadians, Germans, Italians continue to come, as in previous years. In Punta Cana, Russian-speaking, working only with the Russian sector, curtail their activities, revenues fall catastrophically, it is very difficult to survive. Those Russian tourists who come to the hotels do not burn more with the desire to spend money on excursions. Become not uncommon Russian beggars who do not even have money for a ticket back. Life is getting tougher and trying to put everything in its place. Well, we continue to live in our measured Dominican flow and on January 28 we are going to celebrate the 10th anniversary in the Dominican Republic!

Sunsets in the Dominican Republic.

I’m an owl by nature. This means that I would prefer to work until morning and then oversleep before lunch, rather than get up at 6 am to work. No, if there is an early exit – there is no need to grumble, work is work; but under all equal conditions – to wake up in the morning for me punishment. Due to this, it is more pleasant for me to look at the sunset, rather than enjoy the sunrise. And in this regard, the place of our accommodation is very convenient: we can observe such sunsets that tourists are deprived of in Punta Cana (in the east) or in Puerto Plata (in the north). They can see the sunrises (but for this it is necessary to get up early!), And at sunset only watch the sun go down on the trees, but can this be considered a real Caribbean sunset? No, only the sun, setting in the sea – this should be the sunset! I will not lie: in summer and from our village, the view of the sunset is not very beautiful, the sun hides over the land, but autumn comes – and in the evenings on the shore you can see crowds of people admiring the beautiful phenomenon. For 10 years of life on the island, we are used to treating sunsets as a routine phenomenon, but sometimes there is a time when I take out the phone and take another picture …

Police report for 2013.

A short line (the dry language of numbers), purely for information only and nothing more, & # 160; & # 160; publish & # 160; The data of the report of the National Police of the Dominican Republic (Policia Nacional) for 2013. So, in the past year, violent deaths in the Dominican Republic (the total population in 2012 was 10.28 million people) killed 4992 people, including:

& # 8212; 1892 died as a result of road accidents,

Police said that, compared with 2012, the total number of accidents decreased by 5.5%. (I was not too lazy, I thought it was 275 people less.) Progress?)

We move to the Dominican Republic.

Continue and continue to receive letters from readers with questions regarding moving to the Dominican Republic. The letters show different destinies, different stories, different motives, prompting to leave. But the questions are almost the same: where to find work, how to buy real estate, how much money it takes to live in which district it is better to settle. As much time and effort I try, at least briefly, but to respond. It is clear that for each individual family there should be a solution to the problem, but it is physically difficult for me to help everyone, even if only with advice. Therefore, I want to make it easier for myself to generalize the financial question by one post – the cost of moving and integration into the Dominican Republic during the first year (prices will be called fairly approximate, but you can start from them). The Russian proverb says: one move is equal to two fires. Still there is a proverb: seven times measure – time cut. We will count that you have thought it all over. & # 160; & # 160; So, you are an average family: father, mother, child-schoolboy, you do not speak any languages. You have read about the Dominican Republic, seen beautiful photos with happy and carefree persons (like ours below) and finally decided: let’s go and let it be as it will be!

To get to the island, you need to buy tickets for the plane. On the Internet, various tips about buying-whether round-trip tickets, or better to buy only one way. My opinion on this: just round-trip; Firstly, in order to exclude possible troubles, when they can refuse to put on a plane without a return ticket, and secondly, it is possible to buy return tickets, which, although with a small loss, can be handed over. Thirdly, the price of tickets only to one side is not so much cheaper than round-trip; so if you really decided to move, then saving a couple hundred dollars will not help you. There is another option: buying a tour. Thus, you can kill two birds with one stone: the flight will cost less, plus there will be a week or two in the hotel, during which you will look for accommodation.

1). Flight (tickets or tour – the cost will be similar) $ 1.300-1.500 per person, total $ 3.900-4.500 per family.

You need to rent a house. It is more economical to do this with a contract for a year. You people are unpretentious, you are lucky, you rented an apartment for $ 500 a month (well, very lucky you!) + & # 160; $ 50 electricity, + $ 50 internet with mobile phones.

2). Accommodation for a year ($ 600? 12 months = $ 7,200)

Medicine in the Dominican Republic is paid, you need to have insurance. Let will not be very heaped up, but such which will help you, appear you are sick (

$ 50 per month per person).

3). Medical insurance for three ($ 150? 12 months = $ 1,800)

Love comes and goes, but you always want to eat! (C) Eat at home, cooking yourself. Not necessarily economically Dominican, with daily rice with beans, but without any frills (forget that in Russia you ate caviar with spoons!).

The younger generation, the child is a schoolboy. In the Dominican Republic there are free schools, along with paid ones, but after all your child is not your enemy to you? In a very expensive school to send it you do not have the opportunity, so let’s take something average.

Moving around the island. Much depends on the place of residence, I admit that in some areas, you can do without transport. Although transport is needed. You three, riding a motor scooter all together and uncomfortable, and unsafe. So you need a car.

6). A vehicle (such that it does not break on the first day!) & # 160;

Do not forget that we are no longer tourists and for legalization we need to get a Dominican residence permit, like any law-abiding citizens. Under the new law, you must enter the Dominican Republic with a visa that allows you to apply for a residence permit. If you could not make it at home in advance, then you will have to receive it here.

Remember, I mentioned above that you do not speak languages? Well, I believe that you have school English and you think that you can agree with the service staff on your fingers. But here you need a Spanish one and if you do not have one, then you will have to look for an assistant (which will not help you on a gratuitous basis) so you can put these costs into the budget.

So, let’s look at your spending in the first year. This will be the money you need to have before moving. Next year you will have to pay for housing again, send your child to school, eat something, the car may break down, you have to pay for prolonging your residence permit, etc. But it will be later. You are hoping that you will find a job or you have a stock in a box, a percentage in a Russian bank, a pension – this is not yet considered. We look at the required amount for the first year. And it amounts to (very approximately!) No less than $ 42,000-45,000.

Tell me, do you all have this amount? And which, of course, should not be the last? You really thought everything over and were ready for it. or just now, after reading this post, you begin to understand that not everything is so simple? For the sake of God, single adventurers, who already have enough in the Dominican Republic, can object to me: “Yes, I came with a dozen and I have all the chocolate, I settled myself as a seller in a Russian shop on the beach, I fly Russian tourists at a high cost, I get $ 500, I do not bother with the residence permit , I’ll fly away – I’ll pay a fine, & # 160; with three friends I rent an apartment, I live in paradise, I drink cheap rum every day and am entertained in every way. ” The Lord is such a judge. But you have a family, you have a child. You have a responsibility for each other for the future. You must soberly look into the eyes of reality.

I repeat my question: & # 160; you really have money & # 160; and have a desire to move to the Dominican Republic? Yes? Honestly? Then I’m happy for you. Good luck in life on the island!

The new law in the Dominican Republic.

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