Residence permit in Bulgaria.

Residence permit in Bulgaria.

If you have your own property, it is quite easy to obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria.

The temporary residence permit in Bulgaria allows you to stay in the country for up to one year with the possibility of its annual extension.

To enter Bulgaria for registration of residence permit is necessary for a special migration visa of category D (long-term stay), which is issued at the embassy or Consulate General of the country in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Being on the basis of a residence permit in Bulgaria for 5 years, you get the status of the DVR.

But there are also categories of persons who have a temporary residence permit in Bulgaria, but without the right to receive in the future a permanent residence permit. Students belong to this category of persons.

Permission to obtain a temporary residence permit in Bulgaria with the subsequent right to long-term residence (DVZh.) Can be obtained by foreigners who have received a visa category D, as well as citizens who:

1. They want to work in Bulgaria after obtaining permission from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy;

2. Conduct business and create at least ten jobs for Bulgarian citizens;

3. Full-time students;

5. Persons who have married a Bulgarian citizen or a foreigner who has the right to stay in the country permanently;

6. Representatives of foreign companies in Bulgaria (the company must be registered with the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry);

7. Parents of foreigners who have a permanent residence permit in Bulgaria;

8. Pensioners who receive a pension for any reason;

9. Members of the family of an alien who has received a temporary residence permit in Bulgaria.

All the listed persons first receive a temporary residence permit in Bulgaria, and after 5 years (and in case of marriage – 2 years) are entitled to a long-term stay in Bulgaria.

The rights of foreign citizens in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Foreign citizens with the status of residence permit in Bulgaria have the right:

1. To visit the country unlimited number of times;

2. Work only in own company;

3. To receive paid medical care on the same grounds as the citizens of Bulgaria;

4. To make contributions to the Bulgarian pension fund;

5. To issue an invitation for a private visit to an alien;

6. After 5 years, get the status of long-term stay;

7. Children who have received the status of extended stay, have the right to pay fees in Bulgarian schools.

Long-term stay.

The status of a long-term stay in Bulgaria is granted to a non-resident who has lived legally and without breaks in the country for 5 Years before applying for the DVR. & laquo; Lived without breaks & raquo; – means that periods of absence on the territory of the country should not exceed 6 consecutive months and a total of 10 months for a 5-year period.

To obtain the status of long-term residence, a foreign citizen must provide documents that he has the means to exist in the amount of not less than the minimum wage and the minimum pension. Medical insurance is required for the period of residence in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Members of the family of a long-term resident citizen can obtain a permit for permanent residence for one year, not exceeding the permitted term of the title deed.

Status of the DVR. Has an authorized initial term of 5 years, with the possibility of extension after submission of the application.

Foreigners with DVR in their rights are almost equal to the owners of permanent residence, with the exception of the right to qualify for Bulgarian citizenship after five years. In particular, the status of DVZH allows you to work for hire and use insurance medicine.

Permanent residence in Bulgaria.

The status of permanent residence refers to a permanent stay in the country. Staying in the status of permanent residence for more than five years entitles you to obtain Bulgarian citizenship.

To enter the country for registration of permanent residence is necessary for a migration visa of category D (for long-term stay).

Such a visa is issued only at the embassy or the Consulate General of Bulgaria in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Grounds for obtaining permanent residence:

1. Persons with Bulgarian descent.

2. Investors. After the investment more than 1 000 000 BGN (500 000,00 Euro) in the economy of Bulgaria.

3. Foreigners who have lived in a lawful marriage with a Bulgarian citizen or with a foreigner who has a permanent residence permit in Bulgaria for 5 years;

4. Young and minor children of foreign citizens with permanent residence who have not entered into marriage.

A full list of reasons for obtaining permanent residence can be found in Article 25 of the Law on Foreigners in Bulgaria & raquo;

The status of permanent residence permits:

1. Enter the country without a visa and stay indefinitely on the territory of the country;

2. Do business or work;

4. To obtain citizenship after 5 years of residence for permanent residence;

5. To issue Schengen without giving invitations.

Currency: lev Language: Bulgarian Religion: Orthodoxy Population: 7,364,570 Climate: continental and Mediterranean World rank by GDP per capita: 65 Country credit rating by rating scale Fitch: BBB- Number of Unesco monuments: 9 Number of beaches with blue flag: 10 Share of Russian-speaking residents: more than 20%


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