Perspectives of immigration to Brazil for Russians.

Perspectives of immigration to Brazil for Russians.

Latin America for many years attracted Russians with its beauty, originality and colorful traditions. Brazil is one of the most successful, progressive and economically stable countries in the region. Immigration to Brazil among Russian citizens is becoming more and more popular every year. Prices in the country for products, equipment, real estate in Brazil remain at an optimal level, despite the crisis, and holders of the Brazilian passport have broad prospects and opportunities, traveling around the world.

It should be noted that Russian citizens have a visa-free entry into Brazilian territory, but this rule applies to those Russians who plan to stay in the country for not more than 90 days in one half-year. In all other cases, residents of the Russian Federation are required to obtain a Brazilian visa in the diplomatic representation of that state.

Visa registration will take about 10 days. The presence of an invitation from the Brazilian side will simplify and speed up the process of issuing an entry permit as much as possible.

Investments and real estate in Brazil.

The investment program is one of the most promising and convenient for wealthy foreigners. Creating a company of its own with an authorized capital of 100 thousand dollars is a quick way to obtain citizenship in Brazil. In just a few months, a businessman from Russia will be granted permanent resident status and permanent residence, and in three years he will be able to become an equal citizen.

In the country, foreign citizens can invest in any sectors and directions of the economy. The most promising are investments in agriculture, tourism, services and real estate in Brazil. Prices for square meters today are quite real and available. 1 sq. M. Of Brazilian residential area costs between 200-500 dollars.

It is worth noting that property prices in Brazil are skyrocketing. Buy an apartment, foreigners can on general terms with the local population, but there is one nuance. If the object is bought by a foreigner, then he will have to pay a tax of 16% of the price of housing. In the case when a resident or a foreigner who has Brazilian citizenship buys an apartment or house, the tax rate for him is much less – only 2-5%.

In the state a fairly wide range of housing. There are modest cottages and chic villas on the sea coast. Prices also vary in a wide range. Real estate in Brazil differs in value depending on the quality of the materials used in the construction, remoteness from the shoreline, the year of construction, the location of the infrastructure, etc. To become the owner of the Brazilian real estate can, both private person, and the foreign company.

Emigration to Brazil alone is an opportunity to improve the quality of life and realize professional perspectives.

Work in Brazil and other ways of immigration for Russians.

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Begin the process of moving an experienced specialist with the search for a Brazilian employer. You can do it using the Internet. It is worth noting that only if there is a preliminary contract with the employer you can issue a work visa. The process of document registration takes 3-4 months. This can be done through the Brazilian diplomatic representation in the Russian Federation. Work in Brazil is an optimal solution for specialists in agriculture, IT, tourism, medicine, etc.

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You can stay in the country for a working visa for 2 years. A foreigner can extend it if necessary, if there is further work. After 4 years of legal residence and employment, the foreigner receives a permanent status and can claim the citizenship of Brazil.

Another promising way of immigration to Brazil is to register a marriage with a local. Creating a family or reuniting with blood relatives allows you to get a Brazilian passport and on favorable terms to buy property in Brazil after a year of cohabitation. The country’s legislation allows for dual citizenship, so Russians can maintain their original position.

Immigration process is best coordinated with an experienced specialist in this field. Lawyers will advise on the rules of the move, the features of the immigration law, help with the registration of documents, and also provide citizenship of Brazil under a simplified procedure.

It is interesting that when acquiring Brazilian citizenship, a foreigner is offered to change the name and surname to more euphonious ones for the region.