Not citizens of the European Union, citizens of the European Union, their families – living in Bulgaria.

Not citizens of the European Union, citizens of the European Union, their families – living in Bulgaria.

EU, Bulgaria, citizens / non-EU citizens.

If you look at the status of foreigners in Bulgaria (a member state of the EU), there are three main groups:

a) citizens of EU countries;

b) not citizens of EU states, but family members of EU citizens;

c) non-nationals of the states of the European Union.

The entry into the territory of Bulgaria of EU citizens – can be according to the passport or ID card of the EU state. Since Bulgaria is not yet in the Schengen zone, the entry (or by sea) to Bulgaria – through border points, and not where necessary.

Family members of EU citizens enter Bulgaria with documents on legal residence in the EU country issued by that country.

The entry of these aliens and residence in Bulgaria is regulated by the law on the entry, stay and departure of the Republic of Bulgaria by European Union citizens and members of their families.

(The law for vlyazaneeto, prebivavato and napustaneto Republic of Bulgaria on a citizen of the European Union and a member of the family technicians.)

It follows from the Law that you can live in Bulgaria for three months as a temporary foreigner, and for the further – it is necessary to issue an identity card for a long-term citizen of the European Union and family members (a certificate for a pro-livevan citizen for European citizenship.

and the member of the family).

The entry of all other foreigners is regulated by the Aliens Act, of which – in Moving to Bulgaria – immigration to Bulgaria.

The fundamental difference between citizens and non-citizens of the EU for permanent residence in Bulgaria is that the first issue a certificate, and the second – a residence permit (temporary – “residence permit” or permanent – “permanent residence”). Which in turn is formalized only on the basis of a visa “D” – an immigrant visa (see Moving to Bulgaria)

Please note that non-EU citizens with Bulgarian permanent residence or residence permit do not enjoy the rights of EU citizens, for example, they can not fly to Cyprus to work in pleasure in the season. There are cases that the so-called. Immigration agencies are, by default, misleading.

And in the rest, in addition to buying private land in Bulgaria, the rights of all are approximately the same:

Local taxes pay.

Income tax on interest on deposits is not payable. (And with your own state, understand it.) Therefore, foreigners with accounts are hastily “registered” with Bulgarian tax residents.)

How long can I stay in Bulgaria without a visa? I am Greek’s wife and I have a residence permit in Greece. I can not get a reply even at the Bulgarian embassy in Athens.

Article Receipt of monetary assistance – from EU funds, article, section “Own business”

Services in registration of documents for.

>> EDUCATION in Bulgaria.

in English.


reasonable and economical.

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