Free immigration.

Strange hostel in Sofia. Bulgaria.

For ethnic Bulgarians by origin.

Ethnic Bulgarians or Bulgarians of origin, namely Moldovans, Gagauz, Odessa Ukrainians, Volga and others, find themselves compactly residing in Bulgaria all in one place. In the center of Sofia. After submitting documents, waiting and obtaining Bulgarian citizenship, they immediately receive a residence permit in Bulgaria. How many people are registered at this address. This address is in the personal map of each ethnic Bulgarian. How many beds are installed in the center of Sofia at the address: Lege Street No. 6. Ten years ago I saw this address in a personal map of the Moldovans, five years ago from the Ukrainians and recently I saw Sofia’s address again, Lega 6 in my personal map. With the period of stay in Bulgaria until the end of the validity of the national passport.

Not Bulgarians, but ordinary people, in accordance with the ZCRB, who are applying for a residence permit in Bulgaria are required to provide a lease or property right, where they will live and where they will be checked by police and migration, in order to get a residence permit and this address will be inscribed in the personal card. And ethnic Bulgarians by origin, in spite of the fact that they have Russian, Ukrainian and Moldovan passports at once receive an address in the card & ndash; Sofia, Lebed Street 6. One for all. To the whole family of ethnic Bulgarians.

How can this be understood. At this address, I think hundreds are registered if not thousands. And having received a personal card an ethnic Bulgarian can not be checked in any way. Neither the police nor the migration. And instantly such an ethnic Bulgarian can move around the EU. By showing your national passport (Russian or other) and a valid personal card.

It turns out & ndash; a unique transit option. Bulgaria & ndash; an intermediate country, a member of the European Union. Documents are all issued legally and correctly, all data is in the database.

Address of stay & ndash; Sofia, Lega 6 & ndash; one for all. The address of the Sofia Municipality, Sredets district. Here’s how it happens.

A strange hostel for ethnic Bulgarians at the City Hall of Sofia. I wonder how many beds there are at this address in accordance with the Law on Tourism and Naredba number 6 to the law (places for nastanevane)

What is it. Loophole? I received an ethnic Bulgarian by origin personal card with this address and disappeared, disappeared in the expanses of the European Union. And this can be.

Who can become & bdquo; ethnic Bulgarian & ldquo; and obtain Bulgarian citizenship. Probably any person. It is difficult to check the ethnic Bulgarian ancestry, sometimes it is almost impossible. I have no doubt that there are assistants in Ukraine, Moldova, Russia who help to prepare and receive documents of Bulgarian origin & ldquo; father-mother, grandfather-grandmother, grandparent. And they do. Also registered outside Bulgaria Bulgarian societies and organizations accredited in Bulgaria can issue documents to the ethnic Bulgarian & ldquo; that is for DABCH the basis for granting Bulgarian citizenship to the applicant.

An ethnic Bulgarian gets a LNCH and immediately YGN.

Maybe I myself have the roots of Khan Khubrat’s son, since I was born in the Volga region?

Why get a residence permit? & Ndash; Permanent residence receive & ndash; immediately citizenship of Bulgaria is possible. As an ethnic Bulgarian. Assistants to obtain the citizenship of Bulgaria, of course, there are, I think that there are not so many of them as openers on representations.

The issue of registration of Bulgarian citizenship is different. To me while it is unknown. Because there are quite a few links of one chain involved in obtaining Bulgarian citizenship. In Ukraine, in Russia, in Moldova, it is necessary to find or make a genealogy of origin from church books in the villages, to formalize, translate and assure in accredited Bulgarian communities abroad of Bulgaria and to submit documents to DABCH for consideration and expectation of citizenship.

DABCH & ndash; Derzhavna Agentsiya Bolgar in Chuzhbin. The state body that issues the citizenship of Bulgaria, if the documents all meet the requirements of the law.

As something interesting happens since the days of socialism & ndash; communism and tsarism.

About life and business in Bulgaria.

I tell and advise who will contact, and who is interested in moving to Bulgaria, get a residence permit from Bulgaria and start a business in Bulgaria, at meetings or via Skype.

There are many details and subtleties, both in life in Bulgaria and in business. A newcomer to the country of eternal red tomatoes finds it difficult to notice and provide, at the first stage, lawyers fly with services that can be solved by themselves, realtors squeeze, assistants among those who live here, acquaintances. We need to calm down, pause and make a decision.

Independent opinion is always more useful. A look from outside and from within the problem and situation.

Please, tell me how to act in Bulgaria. Compromise is always and everywhere you can find. There are options for a new business, private, family, with a minimum investment of 3,000 euros.