List of professions for emigration to Australia 2016

List of professions for emigration to Australia 2016 h1>

The List of Professions (Skilled Occupation List) is a list of specialties approved by the Australian Government, whose holders can claim to participate in the Australian Professional Immigration Program.

The last revision of the List, put into effect in February 2014, currently exists in two parts.

Part 1 (SOL) contains code marks and names of specialties, whose holders have the opportunity to qualify for an independent permanent visa (subclass 189).

Part 2 (CSOL) is intended for those who want to immigrate under the program of professional immigration of one of the Australian states (visas subclass 190, subclass 489) or sponsored by the employer.

The list is a table whose first column contains the code mark of the specialty in the ANZSCO system (Australian-New Zealand standard classifier of specialties), the second – the name of the specialty according to this classifier, the third – the name and code of the specialty according to the Australian classifier ASCO (which since 2010 for immigration purposes not used). The fourth column indicates the name of the confirming organization.

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