How to leave for Australia for permanent residence.

How to leave for Australia for permanent residence.

Warm Australia with its sandy beaches and rare animals attracts many people. And not only as a resort place. Many people think how to leave for Australia for permanent residence. In fact, it is much easier to immigrate to this country than to any other country, especially if a person has a good knowledge of the language, an actual profession and experience in it.

Permanent residence in Australia is available to people of various professions, so that they can benefit this country and make a contribution to its development.

Requirements for immigrants.

Before you leave to live in Australia, you need to go through the procedure for obtaining a residence permit. Applicants must meet the following requirements:

Age not older than 45 years. Knowledge of English at a high level. Diploma of higher education and work experience in the specialty.

In addition to the above requirements, an immigrant must be a well-off person, since in Australia today there is a colossally high standard of living.

How to leave for Australia.

You can immigrate to Australia in one of three ways:

Get refugee status. Independent immigration. Business immigration.

Asylum seekers in Australia can be people whose rights, established by the Geneva Convention, are violated. Mostly in developed countries, human rights are respected, so Russians should not think about how to leave for Australia as a refugee.

Independent immigration is available only for efficient and wealthy citizens. In addition, free immigrants must score a passing score based on the following criteria: vocational training and level of English proficiency.

Speaking of business & ndash; immigration, then recently introduced restrictions on the issuance of permanent business visas. Now the process of obtaining a business visa is dragged on for four years and passes in several stages.

Advantages of immigration to Australia.

Australia is a highly developed country, which ranks third in terms of standard of living. Having lived in Australia for two years, the immigrant obtains Australian citizenship and the opportunity to travel to many countries of the world without the need to obtain a visa. The state worries about its citizens, there is affordable medical care, high benefits and a pension. The unemployment rate in Australia is the lowest in the world: only 5.5%.

Therefore, if you are an expert in your profession and are fluent in English, you can obtain a residence permit and permanent resident status in Australia. The visa is given for life, but it needs to be renewed every five years. More precisely, you need to paste the liner in your passport. It is worth noting that the right to become an Australian citizen is granted only by such a visa, but it is also possible to live without citizenship with the status of permanent resident. A permanent resident visa gives the same rights as citizenship. The only difference is that with the passport of an Australian citizen you can enter any country without a visa, except for Russia and Ukraine. Therefore, before you leave for Australia, do not rush to abandon the Russian passport, especially since no one is demanding it from you in Australia, double citizenship is allowed there.