From Crimea to Ukraine & # 8212; roundtrip.

From Crimea to Ukraine & # 8212; roundtrip.

How to leave Crimea to Ukraine and return from Ukraine to Crimea. By car and train, & # 8212; detailed report.

We leave Crimea on a car with Sevastopol numbers, almost without belongings and without any specific purpose. Immediately decided that to go to the main checkpoints like Chongar or Armyansk we will not, because we are not ready to stand all day in the car line. Previously, by experience we found out that it is better to go through the checkpoint that is to the right of Armyansk, there is much less turn and, as a consequence, border guards are more loyal and understanding.

At the entrance to the border, we rested in a relatively small queue. We stood there for about an hour. The border from the Russian side is under construction at full speed, barriers, CCTV cameras, speed bumps have already been installed, something has been excavated & # 8230; all over the see & # 8212; work. After a small and very superficial inspection of the car we were sent to passport control. There, our Ukrainian passports & # 171; pierced & # 187; on bases. Still needed to provide those. passport of the machine. It took all 5-10 minutes. Even without asking the purpose of the trip, they gave the documents. We went.

Near the Ukrainian border, we were pleasantly surprised by the turn from one KamAZ. Here everything was equipped worse, but not at the tent level, as it was before. Passport control & # 8212; in small houses, everything is exactly the same as on the Russian border, but with a hint that this is all temporary. At the entrance we were given a coupon in which the car was entered and the number of people in the car. Then again a superficial inspection, the same passport control. Learning the purpose of the trip, they gave us the documents, put a seal on the ticket and wished for the Asli road. At the exit from the checkpoint, we gave a coupon to the Ukrainian border guard and found ourselves on the mainland.

As a result, they crossed the border without any incidents and quickly enough. At the borders are already standing military, and not people whose faces are hidden under the masks, and at the ready machines. In general, a full-fledged border with a more or less well-established system of transport passes.

By the way, rumors that everyone is. who is driving from Crimea to Ukraine, are immediately sent to the army, “somehow they were not so confirmed at all.” As well as the fact that we & # 8212; in that age frame, which is not released from the Crimea at all. And they let them out, and they do not take them into the army, yes.

On the way of our following in Ukraine we still passed several roadblocks. They have a special speed limit and a stop sign. I will remind you that we have # 8212; Sevastopol numbers, and we & # 8212; native Crimeans. Maybe someone will be surprised, but neither the people’s militia nor the traffic police officers stopped us and forced us to sing the anthem of Ukraine. Only at the entrance to Nikolaev we were stopped by the Gaitsy, who work together with Nikolayev’s militiamen. People in camouflage and with some kind of incomprehensible badges politely introduced themselves as a people’s militia. I pulled them my documents, but they did not even look at them, just asked to open the trunk. Making sure that we did not carry the prohibited items asked where and where we were going, and let go. We are surprised that it is quite safe to speak Russian in Ukraine (which again contradicts the rumors), we moved on.

Arriving at the destination, they met with a familiar refugee from the Crimea, learned the latest news, the situation and the moods of those living in Fascist Ukraine. Having received information, which once again refuted the rumors, they were convinced that no one can believe but their own eyes.

Back we were going to go by train. And they did. Freely bought tickets for the new train Zhitomir & # 8212; Simferopol. The train first came out on a new schedule, probably therefore a little late. When boarding the train, the conductor checked our tickets, and asked: “Do you need a migration card?” & # 8212; we refused, in the hope that we do not fit the definition of migrant, although we were not sure of that.

When we went into the car, we paid attention to the schedule of stops: in Kherson stop # 8212; 60 minutes, in Armyansk & # 8212; 45. Aha, the new schedule already takes into account delays at the borders. But, it seems, we all stood more than expected. Borders at night with an hour difference between themselves. Everything in the best traditions of ordinary “shovels” customs & # 8230; weapons, furs, drugs, the purpose of the trip and some incomprehensible manipulations with laptops, communicators, and migration cards. And a cool labrador on the Ukrainian border! In general, border control spent more than two hours, given that the train is half-empty.

From all of the above, we can say that there are practically no problems with the passage of the border, rather inconvenience. And it does not matter on what transport and for what purpose. And you probably need to add that Crimeans, including Sevastopol in Ukraine, do not eat, and even there is no prejudiced attitude. By the way, one of us was wearing a T-shirt with the inscription “# Sevastopol & # 827; & # 8230;