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And the French language, I wonder what language group they refer to.

If you are going to Guyana, I can join you in December.

We are engaged in tourist activities and I am flying to negotiations with Venezuelan partners, after which I plan to go to Guyana.

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In Suriname, our embassy used to be, in Soviet times. Many Surinamese prefer the Caribbean islands for life. They are especially numerous in Curacao and Aruba. There was a case when a Soviet consul was killed in Suriname to take away a car. It is unlikely that the situation in this country has radically changed.

French Guiana is a French rocket launch. That is, no civilization should be present. However, is it worth it to get into such a wilderness, when from Russia to Paris you can get in a couple of hours?

Almost all the countries of Latina are written here a lot, but about this magnificent trio of countries in the northeast of South America in general, not a word, but even in Guyana, even the president of the country speaks Russian (once he studied in the Soviet Union), and the countries themselves , I think, are interesting not less than others. I tried to look at Internet resources in this region, but the information is not so extensive, and in Russian there is nothing at all. I wonder if there are Russian people in this region (or at least Russian-speaking ones)?

I knew one Russian, she is the wife of a local doctor who studied in the USSR. She lived in New Amsterdam. but I do not remember if she was happy.

And Guyana’s fault?

but is the author aware of the events in the Guiana in the late 1970s, about the nelly, about the attempt to build socialism and the great sacrifices on this thorny path (behind the scenes – and about the participation of Soviet military experts)?