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Australian immigration law allows Australian spouses (brides / grooms), children, parents and other family members of Australian citizens, permanent residents of Australia and New Zealand citizens residing in Australia to enter and reside in Australia.

In the line of family reunification, the following categories of visas are provided:

1. Affiliate category.

for spouses; for grooms / brides; for persons consisting in actual marital relations (including same-sex).

For applicants in Australia, there are two types of visas in this category:

A temporary visa is issued for a period of 2 years; if after two years the relationship is not interrupted, a permanent visa is issued.

For applicants who are outside of Australia and who are registered or actual marital relations, there are also two types of visas:

The bride or groom of an Australian citizen, permanent resident or resident of New Zealand, may apply for a marriage visa (subclass 300).

2. Parent category.

Immigrate to Australia can parents of Australian citizens, permanent residents of Australia and Australian citizens residing in New Zealand.

From the territory of Australia can apply for a parent visa:

Older parents (aged 65 and over). Holders of temporary parental visa (subclass 173).

For the elderly parents who are in Australia, the following visas are available:

Permanent visa for an elderly parent (subclass 804). Permanent paid visa for an elderly parent (subclass 864). Temporary fee for an elderly parent (subclass 884). Transitional paid visa (from 884 to 864).

For applicants located outside of Australia, the following are intended:

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