Consultation on Belgium. Residence permit after buying a home in Belgium.

Consultation on Belgium. Residence permit after buying a home in Belgium.

INNA: Does a non-resident of the country receive the right to reside when buying real estate?


Ask the counselor.

You know for sure that you will soon live in another country. Or maybe they started thinking about it recently. In any case, your eyes are most likely turned towards Europe. asked Yevgeny Tsikunov, the director of the company “Second House”, to tell about the differences between the European Union and the Schengen zone, and about how all this affects the choice of the country and the program for obtaining a residence permit and second citizenship in Europe. To read.

In the Czech Republic, the tax on the purchase of real estate will be paid by the buyer. Bundesbank announced overestimation of real estate in Germany. Our portal is breaking records in social networks. In several paragraphs – the most important thing about foreign real estate. Read the news digest from February 15 to 21. To read.

Millions of people from all over the world receive a residence permit in the European Union. Only in 2014, 2.3 million people got cards. And each of them has its own motives. Let’s try to figure out who, where and what for. To read.

The European Statistical Committee has made a rating of the capital cities, where most foreigners live. And recalled how much it would cost to buy real estate in the populated areas popular with expats. To read.

The real estate market in Belgium is stable. The rate of decline in prices for the Spanish “secondary housing” slows down. “Golden visas” in Portugal increase the cost of luxury real estate. We present a selection of the most important news of the week with comments from market professionals. To read.

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