Conditions for business immigration to Australia.

Conditions for business immigration to Australia.

As you know, the governments of different countries are always very loyal to those who intend to bring their country’s capitals and ideas. The Australian authorities that provide comprehensive support to entrepreneurs and investors ready to start their own enterprise are also no exception, thereby creating additional jobs or supporting the already existing local market. Business immigration to Australia gives a chance to move to this continent for all those who do not fall into other categories of migrants.

Business visa.

The advantages that this kind of migration gives is difficult to overestimate.

In addition, that a businessman gets an opportunity to work in a country with a healthy economy and equal for all laws, he and his whole family can get the status of residents of the country on preferential terms.

Moreover, the migrant, having signed the agreement that within two years he undertakes to engage in entrepreneurial activity, does not thereby lose the right to work for someone else.

The process of immigration on the basis of doing business is divided into two stages:

Both are issued to business owners and investors. In addition, there is a special visa with the right to obtain permanent residence, designed for investors with special talents.

Temporary visa.

The validity of such authorization is 4 years. It allows the businessman and his family to be in Australia or abroad. In order to open a business in Australia, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

age – up to 55 years; The existence of a career in business in directions that are not prohibited by local legislation; availability of reporting on business activities for the last two years; the availability of capital in the amount of not less than 800 thousand dollars and the annual turnover of business from 500 thousand dollars; passing score & # 8211; 65.

For investors, all the same requirements remain, except for the size of cash – $ 2.5 million.

In addition, it must be remembered that all participants in the business migration program must be proficient in English. But if these criteria are met, they will be able to prolong the temporary visa once for another 2 years or, after two years of their stay in the country, to obtain a residence permit within the framework of business migration.

Permanent visa.

The second stage is & # 8211; this is a permanent visa. Whatever the peculiarities of business in Australia, which you are going to lead, it is necessary to take into account such factors:

At the time of application, your business must have existed for at least two years; residence in the country must also last at least the specified period; the turnover of funds for the last year should be at least 300 thousand dollars; you have at least two employees in your staff & # 8211; citizens of Australia who are not members of the entrepreneur’s family; at least 1% of the existing business should belong to the applicant.

At the same time, all investors should take into account that they can not be involved in another business that is not supported by the government of the country.

Things to do.

There are quite a few directions of work and spheres of investment in the green continent. If the question, what types of business in Australia are most in demand, is relevant for you, check out this list:

online shopping; engineering companies working with mining companies and those involved in the construction and development of infrastructure; medical practices; medical diagnostics – X-ray, tests, ultrasound – all this receives state support, and therefore is doomed to success. Than to be engaged it is not necessary, so it is food additives; companies that develop and maintain websites; plumbing and maintenance of electrical networks; tourist sphere – cruises, diving, excursions to the villages; construction companies. Pay attention that recently only those who are engaged in finishing works are in demand; repair of cars, especially those that were affected by the accident; transportation and delivery of goods; family kindergartens; Rent things that you might need to do business. This direction in the local market is new and still growing.

Sewing salons and services for repair of any equipment, small motels, small shops, sports halls are not in demand.

How to buy a ready business.

How to buy a business in Australia? There is nothing easier. For these purposes, you do not even need to obtain citizenship or a residence permit. Many businessmen manage their enterprises from a distance.

You should start with a visa for a year for the purpose of doing business. Based on this permission, periodic visits to the green continent can be made to check how things are going. The company is managed by local managers.

You can make a purchase, however, only having received approval from the Treasury of Australia. The entrepreneur will be able to take possession of the business after signing a transaction that certifies the purchase and sale. The last word in this matter belongs to the Council, which oversees foreign investment. Please note that buying a ready-made business will cost 30 percent more than opening your own business.