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A visa of the 190th class is called sponsored, because for its receipt it is necessary to present “sponsorship” (petition) from the government of one of the states of Australia or from a relative permanently residing in Australia.

This visa gives its holder the status of permanent resident of Australia, but if the sponsoring of the application was made by the government of one of the Australian states, after the immigration, the following additional obligations are imposed on the applicant and his family members:

live at least 2 years in the territory of the sponsored state of Australia; during this period inform the local immigration department of changes in the address of your residence; be ready to undergo periodic inspections to comply with these conditions.

In order to qualify for a visa 190, you must meet the requirements of professional immigration to Australia (including the requirement for sponsorship) and score 60 points in the assessment test.

For the examination of the application for a visa of the class 190, you have to pay. Payment is carried out in two stages:

The compulsory payment is made one-time for one application, its size depends on how many people are included in it. The amount of payment is A $ 3520 for the main applicant plus $ 1760 for each adult member of the family and $ 880 for the child. The payment is made when applying for immigration to Australia and can not be returned. The second installment (VAC 2) is made after the decision to grant a visa is made 190, for each of those members of the family over the age of 18 who can not present the IELTS test certificate at least 4.5 points. The size of VAC is 2 4885 Australian dollars. These funds are used to pay for English courses, which immigrants can attend upon arrival in Australia.

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